Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Thu Dec 2 21:36:25 GMT 1999

what is the point of rpcclient.

does this example help?  it shows how to join a workstation to a domain,
and shows how to create a new user and then set that user's password.
there is much more: this is only three of the 70 or so commands.

[yes, the administrator's password really is "test" :-)]

Script started on Thu Dec  2 16:23:04 1999
[root at steeleye source]# bin/rpcclient -S emery -U administrator%test -l log

[administrator at EMERY]$ lsaq
LSA Query Info Policy
Domain Member     - Domain: ROCKNROLL SID: S-1-5-21-639959114-323303692-99485923
Domain Controller - Domain: ROCKNROLL SID: S-1-5-21-639959114-323303692-99485923

[administrator at EMERY]$ createuser WORKSTATION$ -j
createuser WORKSTATION$ -j
SAM Create Domain User
Domain: ROCKNROLL Name: WORKSTATION$ ACB: [W          ]
Create Domain User: OK

[administrator at EMERY]$ createuser new_user
createuser new_user
SAM Create Domain User
Domain: ROCKNROLL Name: new_user ACB: [U          ]
Create Domain User: OK

[administrator at EMERY]$ samuserset new_user -p test_password
samuserset new_user -p test_password
SAM Set User Info: new_user
Password: test_password
Set User Info: OK

[administrator at EMERY]$ enumusers
SAM Enumerate Users
User RID:      416  User Name: Adm!n
User RID:      1f4  User Name: Administrator
User RID:      414  User Name: BROOKFIELDS$
User RID:      1f5  User Name: Guest
User RID:      3fe  User Name: lkcl
User RID:      47b  User Name: new_user
User RID:      478  User Name: NT5-1$
User RID:      463  User Name: REGENT$
User RID:      477  User Name: STEELEYE$
User RID:      3fd  User Name: test
User RID:      470  User Name: TEST$
User RID:      407  User Name: test1
User RID:      408  User Name: test2
User RID:      409  User Name: test3
User RID:      40a  User Name: test5
User RID:      40c  User Name: test6
User RID:      40e  User Name: test7
User RID:      40f  User Name: test8
User RID:      47a  User Name: TESTWKS$
User RID:      479  User Name: TESTWKS1$
User RID:      404  User Name: VUSR_EMERY
User RID:      47c  User Name: WORKSTATION$
[administrator at EMERY]$ quit
[root at steeleye source]# exit

Script done on Thu Dec  2 16:24:10 1999

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