David Giroux dgiroux at authentica.com
Thu Dec 2 19:40:15 GMT 1999

Glenn MacGregor wrote:

> Hi all,
>     What is the point of rpcclient?
>         Thanks
>                 Glenn

I have used SMBLIB (circa 1997) but need to do things that are only in
the CVS head of rpcclient. From a developers stand point, I feel it
would be very most useful to have a library that can be incorporated at
will into a multitude of different applications.

>From a project management standpoint, I think it would be best to split
rpcclient into app and library so that the resulting library is an
integral part of the main SAMBA development effort and remains current.
Of course, it be most useful to also have extensive documentation for
this library.

Are there any plans to revamp/upgrade SMBLIB so that it is current? Just


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