NT Terminal Server integrated in Samba-PDC controlled NT-Domain?

Sven Siems siems at cck.uni-kl.de
Thu Dec 2 17:46:18 GMT 1999

Hi all,

My NT-Terminal Server crashes when I want to login into a NT domain. The PDC (Samba Linux Server) works together with all other NT-Workstations but not with my Terminal Server. The NT Terminal Server is a stand alone server integrated "successfully" in my domain. Login local is no Problem.

For domain users I set the login-rights a little bit different as described in the Samba NT-domain FAQ:
"If using NT server to log in, run the User Manager for Domains, and grant "Everyone" (or "Authenticated Users assuming NT4SP3 or higher) the capability to Log in Locally , which you would have to do even if you were logging in to another NT PDC instead of a Samba PDC."

granting "everyone" or "Authenticated Users" the capability to Log in Locally didn´t work, but granting to different users of the domain works.

The password for the computer for smbpasswd is set and reset corectly (I hope so)

Whats wrong?
Is NT Teminal Server not able to work with a Samba NTdomain PDC?


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