problems with smbpasswd and freebsd

Ana Maria Escalante aescalan at
Thu Dec 2 16:51:13 GMT 1999

     I have just done that for my NT Wkstations and everything is working
fine. First of all, be sure to use the workstation name plus a $ sign when
you add the machine to the /etc/passwd file. Do not miss any of the fields
of the /etc/passwd. It happened to me once that I missed one field and the
system did not recognized the new account. Be sure that the account´s
password is the workstation´s name all in lower case. If the smbpasswd -a
-m WKstname tells you that the account does not exist, check your
/etc/passwd once again. The problem must be there.
     I hope this may help. 


                    Ana Maria Escalante

On Fri, 3 Dec 1999, Tim Radigan wrote:

> hi.. i'm new to this mailing list.. so if my answer has been answered before
> please dont get mad..
> but.. my problem arises when i try to add the workstation_name$ to
> /etc/passwd and then i run /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd -a -m
> workstation_name
> for some reason i always get the error "user not in system password file..
> but i have added it to /etc/passwd  .. i don't know what the exact problem
> is.. but i've gone through the Samba Online documents.. and i'm trying to
> have my NT Workstation to connect to my FreeBSD server using the latest
> version of samba.. the problem i get is the: "This machine account for this
> computer either does not exist or is not accessable."
> and samba won't recognize the added user i added in /etc/passwd.. if anyone
> has any suggestions please help.. thank you very much..
> Tim Radigan

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