problems with smbpasswd and freebsd

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I don't believe Olivier is correct.  You DO NOT put a $ at then end of the workstation name
using the smbpasswd -a -m command.

For an example take a look at:

Under the Add Machine Accounts section you'll see:

Now you need to add a few accounts to your computer. In your /etc/passwd (and /etc/shadow if
you use shadow passwords) create a user account for each Windows client that will be
connecting to your samba server. Each username must be followed by a $, the shell, home
directory, password, and all that don't matter, you just need the machine name and the UID.
For example, my /etc/passwd contains:


and my /etc/shadow:


Now you'll need to create samba accounts for these machines. Go to your samba bin directory
and run

smbpasswd -a -m machine_1

for each machine. DO NOT put the $ at the end, the program will do that for you. Do this for
each Windows client that will connect to your machine. At this point as well, it would be a
good idea to test out your setup. Run the program testparm in the samba bin directory. It
should give no errors, and list the shares available.

I followed this example and it works fine in at my location but I'm using NIS so my entries
are in /var/yp/passwd and /var/yp/shadow.

Hope this helps,


Olivier Wegria wrote:

>         don't you forget the $ in /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd -a -m workstation_name$
>         Olivier
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> De:     Tim Radigan [SMTP:rad2921 at]
> Date:   jeudi 2 decembre 1999 16:08
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> Objet:  problems with smbpasswd and freebsd
> hi.. i'm new to this mailing list.. so if my answer has been answered before
> please dont get mad..
> but.. my problem arises when i try to add the workstation_name$ to
> /etc/passwd and then i run /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd -a -m
> workstation_name
> for some reason i always get the error "user not in system password file..
> but i have added it to /etc/passwd  .. i don't know what the exact problem
> is.. but i've gone through the Samba Online documents.. and i'm trying to
> have my NT Workstation to connect to my FreeBSD server using the latest
> version of samba.. the problem i get is the: "This machine account for this
> computer either does not exist or is not accessable."
> and samba won't recognize the added user i added in /etc/passwd.. if anyone
> has any suggestions please help.. thank you very much..
> Tim Radigan

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