Bug report w/ Intel Netcards

Kelly S. Smelser ksmelser at uindy.edu
Wed Dec 1 07:50:39 GMT 1999

	I posted yesterday regarding problems setting up a 2nd samba
server as a PDC on our campus network.  It turns out that the problem
appears to be more of a network card related issue.  After testing the
scenario out on multiple servers and having no luck, I realized that all
of the server machines I was trying had Intel network cards.  I then tried
the same setup on my laptop with a 3com PCMCIA ethernet card and the PDC
setup worked flawlessly.  The machines that were not working properly were  
an Intel T440BX motherboard with integrated eepro 10/100 network interface 
and a machine with a PCI Intel EtherExpress 10/100 (i82555) card.  Has
anyone else noticed similar problems with this hardware?  


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