Home directories on different servers

Anthony L. Sollars seastar at seasurf.net
Fri Apr 30 16:29:50 GMT 1999

To Eric,

<Is there a way to set some user's home directories to be on one server
some on another?

" Yes their is, it's reall easy to accomplish"

That is, something like user1's home directory is found on
and user2's home directory is found on \\samba-b\user2, where all users
are members of one domain only?  I know with a PDC one would merely set
the home path accordingly, however with smb.conf I am only aware of the
"logon home" and "logon drive" options.

" I have this feature running on my network. But, I am using NT 4.0 as
my PDC only, then I have Samba running on two seperate LINUX box's. The
NT PDC has user accounts for all the machines on the network IBM1-IBM40,
plus you must have the server account for your two samba servers in
server manager for domains. If you want some users on one box and other
users on another box, then when you actually create the user accounts on
the unix box and add the info to smbpasswd, only put the ones you want.
So on sambaserv1 only create accounts for users 1-5, and on sambaserv2
create account for users 6-10. If you want them to use their home
directories, make an addition under that [home] section in smb.conf.
path = /home/samba/%u . This is what I have.
I hope this helps some, If you have anymore questions just e-mail me,
and I will try and help, I have been battling with Samba for awhile now,
and have got it working pretty nicely now. Don't forget to download the
newest code, and see if that helps.



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