Please tell me if it can be done.

Matthew Jamison xmj at
Wed Apr 28 20:11:47 GMT 1999

For the last month or so I have been working to get cross subnet browsing to
work.  I only get about 1-2h a week to mess with it so I have not been able
to get it working.  I am now at a Point were I don't think it can do what I
want it to do.

What I want it to do for Windows Boxes

Windows systems and Samba server in workgroup CSDC on subnet A

Windows systems and Samba server in Workgroup KYCC on subnet B

>From a windows system in the CSDC workgroup I want to be able to double
click on "Network Neighborhood" --> "Entire Network" --> "KYCC" and get a
browse list of the systems in the KYCC workgroup.

Can this be done?  If so Can it be done for 10 different workgroups.


Matthew Jamison              xmj at
System Administrator    Cypress Semiconductor
601-324-4609                           (CSDC)
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