random, urandom ?

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.org
Wed Apr 28 01:58:08 GMT 1999

> Since we really need this running, I have changed /dev/random to
> /dev/urandom in genlib.c and it seems to work OK...

That's the right fix. That fix went into the 2.0 branch a while back
but hasn't been propogated to the head branch.

> Could it be a problem with the hardware ? the machine is a proliant
> 3000 with a smart-2 SCSI controller.

nope. the problem is that you are running out of entropy in
/dev/random. Your box isn't active enough to generate enough entropy
to satisfy the needs of smbd. Using /dev/urandom is quite appropriate
for the way in which the numbers are used in the smbd challenges and
it solves the entropy problem.

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