Remote browsing problems

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at
Tue Apr 27 18:56:00 GMT 1999

> We're trying to get a remote subnet, whose PC's we don't control, to be
> able to see our Samba network.  The goal is to share some utilities to
> users over there without the direct cooperation of the remote sysadmins
> :).
> Here's what we've got now:
> 1.) BOSERUP - our PDC, master browser for domain DEMOGRAPHY
> 2.) BARROWS-SVR - server on our network sharing the stuff we want them to
> have. Set for remote announce = IP of NEWSNOWY (see below).
> 3.) POPULATION - another server on our network, doing WINS duty.
> 4.) NEWSNOWY - server on the remote network, set for wins proxy = yes,
> wins server = <POPULATION's IP address>, preferred master = yes, os level
> = 100. This is the only samba server on that subnet.
> BOSERUP, BARROWS-SVR, and POPULATION are all Solaris 7 running Samba 2.0.3
> patched with Jeremy's patch. NEWSNOWY is the same but Solaris 2.6.
> Basically, the Win95 machines in the remote subnet can use BARROWS-SVR
> with no problem, but they can't browse it. The NetworkNeighborhood simply
> doesn't show them.  
> Additional information:
> - The remote PC's are running Novell as well as TCP/IP/Netbios (ugh).
> - The remote PC's are on the same subnet as NEWSNOWY but are in a
> different workgroup (SSCL).
> - Although NEWSNOWY wins the election on the subnet, there is no listing
> in its browse.dat for the SSCL workgroup; there are listings for other
> workgroups on the subnet.
> - At some (unfortunately undocumented) point in the last 3 weeks, we have
> made this work, that is, seen a machine configured similarly to NEWSNOWY
> available in the remote PCs' browselists under Entire Network -> Microsoft
> Windows Network -> Demography.
> Any ideas?

have the machine in the remote subnet (NEWSNOWY) announce itself under the
other workgroup name. (remote announce= BROADCAST_ADDY/WORKGROUP_NAME)

so in other words, on NEWSNOWY add this line and edit to taste:

remote announce =  just replace the IP with the
BROADCAST ADDRESS of the subnet in which you want the other machines to
see it.

You might also try that same line on the wins server..

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