minor problem with yesterday's CVS

Greg Dickie greg at discreet.com
Tue Apr 27 15:39:10 GMT 1999

>From yesterday's CVS:

I have a small problem with rpcclient which BTW is SOOOO COOL!

smb: \> svcenum

SVC_ENUM_SVCS_STATUS: ERRDOS - ERRmoredata (There is more data to be returned.)
        Albd:   Atria Location Broker
        Alerter:        Alerter
        An Electric Arc Teleffect Service:      Teleffect
        Browser:        Computer Browser
        ClipSrv:        ClipBook Server
        DHCP:   DHCP Client
        EventLog:       EventLog
        LanmanServer:   Server
        LanmanWorkstation:      Workstation
        LmHosts:        TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
        LockMgr:        Atria Lock Manager
        Messenger:      Messenger
        NetDDE: Network DDE
        NetDDEdsdm:     Network DDE DSDM
        Netlogon:       Net Logon
        NtLmSsp:        NT LM Security Support Provider
        PlugPlay:       Plug and Play
        ProtectedStorage:       Protected Storage
        Replicator:     Directory Replicator
        RPCLOCATOR:     Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator
        RpcSs:  Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service
        rshd:   RSH Daemon
        Schedule:       Schedule
        Spooler:        Spooler
        TapiSrv:        Telephony Service
        UPS:    UPS
        NAV Alert:      NAV Alert
        Norton Program Scheduler:       Norton Program Scheduler
        NAV Auto-Protect:       NAV Auto-Protect

Also: Is there any way with samba to get the time of the machine?


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