NT member server with Samba

Andy Bakun abakun at reac.com
Mon Apr 26 14:54:46 GMT 1999

I have two NT servers that are domain members.  One is the print server, and
the other hosts the company-wide calandar program.  Just make them members
of the domain like any other workstation.  The only NT backup program I have
samba domain experience with is ArcServe.  To get it to backup samba shares,
there needs to be an admin$ share on the machine -- then ArcServe sees the
samba machine as an NT machine, and it works fine.  I just made admin$ point
to /tmp.

Gil Freund wrote:

> We are setting up a shop with linux as PDC for windows NT and 95
> workstations. We plan to remove the old PDC (NT SBS).
> As far as workstations are concerned, it is moving rather nicely.
> However, we have two applications that require NT server (MS-SQL and
> Backup Exec). Does anyone have any experience setting an NT server as a
> Standalone server in a SAMBA domain. The only issue I can see it setting
> up a DOMAIN ADMIN group (needed for backup exec agent support), via the
> map admin group parameter.
> Anything I might be missing?

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