domain login across subnet - how?

Greg Dickie greg at
Mon Apr 26 13:56:29 GMT 1999

Hi Mark,

   The only thing Windoze should be doing with WINS is finding the IP address
if the samba PDC therefore IFF the workgroup/domain name of the WIn95 machine
matches the name on the samba PDC then the W95 machine should simply ask WINS
to resolve the PDC for that domain and then do a netlogon to that machine.


On 26-Apr-99 mark at wrote:
>    > I only have Win95 machines; but cannot log in.  I suspect that it is a
>    > problem with Wins though.  Does your NT Domain have to match your host
>    > name or anything?  I tried to do nmbd -h hdplus (the NT domain is
>    > HDPLUS) but then the Win 95 machines gave the message "incorrect
>    > parameter".  I am stuck!!  back to having the samba machine also be
>    > the router (yuck).
>    According to M$ docs, when using windows 9x machines in an NT  (or samba)
>    domain setup, the WORKGROUP and DOMAIN (under winblows) MUST BE IDENTICAL,
>    and with NO SPACES.  Windows 9x will allow spaces in the domain/workgroup,
>    but NT won't.  I found out the hard way with spaces in the workgroup
>    name...
> Thanks for the suggestion.  I found this out the hard way too back in
> the 1.8.x days!
> Unfortunately I still can't get this cross-subnet login to work.
> How can I debug this?  Is there a way to see what Windows is thinking?
> Or, even better, is it possible to simulate the WINS domain login with
> the Unix samba tools?
> Thanks,
> Mark

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