domain login across subnet - how?

Greg Dickie greg at
Mon Apr 26 12:15:38 GMT 1999

Hi again Mark,

    Are you sure that all your Win95 machines are pointing to the samba  WINS
server? Turn up the logging level a bit and check the nmbd log to make sure the
hosts are registering properly. 

This should work fine.


On 25-Apr-99 mark at wrote:
>    > I have three subnets, each connected to a "backbone" via routers.  I
>    > have a Linux system, running Samba as an NT domain controller, on the
>    > backbone.
>     Have a similar problem - only 1 remote subnet.
>    > However, the workstations on the subnets cannot login to the domain;
>    > the domain logins work only on the same subnet as the Samba machine.
>     But I do have this working fine. :-)
>     Win95 worked perfectly after the 'WINS' settings were filled out. However
>    no combination of LMHOSTS or wins settings would work for wfw 3.11 for me.
> I only have Win95 machines; but cannot log in.  I suspect that it is a
> problem with Wins though.  Does your NT Domain have to match your host
> name or anything?  I tried to do nmbd -h hdplus (the NT domain is
> HDPLUS) but then the Win 95 machines gave the message "incorrect
> parameter".  I am stuck!!  back to having the samba machine also be
> the router (yuck).
> Would it be easy to send me the first half of your smb.conf file?
> (not the shares; just the wins, domain name, sections)  Any ideas
> how to debug the WINS part of samba?  Documentation in the "browsing"
> help files just says to enable it in smb.conf and everything will
> magically be fine.
> Thanks!!
> Mark

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