domain login across subnet - how?

mark at mark at
Mon Apr 26 12:14:53 GMT 1999

   mark at wrote:
   > I only have Win95 machines; but cannot log in.  I suspect that it is a
   > problem with Wins though.  Does your NT Domain have to match your host
   > name or anything?  I tried to do nmbd -h hdplus (the NT domain is
   > HDPLUS) but then the Win 95 machines gave the message "incorrect
   > parameter".  

   You workgroup name **cannot** be the same as the netbios name 
   on the Samba server.  In other words, the following settings 
   are in valid (for domain logons at least)

	   workgroup = SAMBA
	   netbios name = SAMBA

This sure does help.  I will make absolutely sure that I'm not
doing this.  I just left the "netbios name" out; so it is at the
default value, whatever that is.


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