Major new profile problems

Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Apr 22 02:13:10 GMT 1999


We came in this morning to reports of a variety of problems that,
eventually, boiled down to the fact that many users were unable to get
entries in the HKEY_USERS. Here's my best stab at what seems to be

- Until last week, our setup was:
	Samba PDC running on 1.9.19-prealpha (because it was stable)
	Samba main server running same version
		both on Solaris 7 (Sparc)
	Lots of NT Workstation 4.0 SP3 machines in the domain.

- Last week, we upgraded the main server to 2.0.3 in order to use the map
to guest functionality, which seemed to work fine.

- NOW, after one person has logged into a 'fresh' NT workstation, the
second person to do so cannot create his/her HKEY_USERS hive. Login and
file service works fine; however, profile-related functions such as
default printer, Office file location settings, etc., return errors and
are not maintained per user.  This can be 'reset' by either re-joining the
domain, or deleting the roaming profiles of the users in question.
Thereafter, the first user to login works great; subsequent users are
treated as above.

- We tried reverting the main server back to 1.9.19 prealpha (make
revert), and things got worse: no file service at all, lots of complaints
in the log of 'malformed SMB entries - incorrect length.'  So we gave up
on that avenue.

- We tried upgrading the PDC to the current CVS code and joining the
workstations & main server to the 'new' domain. The joins worked fine, but
all attempts to login from PCs produced 'panic' errors in smbd and
'incorrect trust password' errors on the NT side.

If anybody has any idea what's going on, or, even better, advice on what
to do about it, I'll be most grateful. 

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