Home dir on a share

Jacques Sansdrap sansdrap at hedy.ucl.ac.be
Wed Apr 21 13:20:39 GMT 1999

Using the HEAD branch.

While calling NetUserGetInfo my program receives a USER_INFO_3
structure. It seems that the entry usri3_home_dir returned by
the SAMBA PDC is in error for some cases.

If the Home directory of a user is on a local disk, this entry should
be (and is) a path such as: "c:\users\xxx".

If the Home directory is on a share, this entry shoud be in UNC
notation: "\\SERVER\xxx".

But the SAMBA server returns 
"\\SERVER\[what is in smb.conf for the home]".

I have defined in smb.conf the "home" share as %H/NT.
The Unix home directory of user xxx is /home/xxx (which is not a share).
His Windows home (mounted as z:\) is on /home/xxx/NT.
But the entry that SAMBA returns points to /home/xxx/NT/NT !

I have a program that shows this if someone is interested
but there is no need for it to show the problem: HOMEPATH is
in the environment and show the same feature.

Jacques Sansdrap

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