OFFTOPIC: Benchmarking hype

Daniel Fonseca daniel at
Wed Apr 21 10:12:17 GMT 1999

Hi there!

I know this is way off-topic by I should consider this a
must-non-to-be-missed reading for everyone involved in here. Tremendous.
Great stuff Jeremy!!!

A Samba-eye view of the recent Mindcraft NT vs Linux benchmark: Trust no

In "Trust no one," Samba developer Jeremy Allison details his objections
to the
recent Microsoft-sponsored benchmark which found Windows NT is 2.5 times
faster than Linux/Samba as a file server, and 3.7 times faster than
Apache/Linux as a Web server. While, as Jeremy points out, the Mindcraft
whitepaper gives excellent administrative tips on how best to fine-tune an
file server, the Linux machine in the benchmark was completely untuned.
Jeremy's response, "Trust no one," describes a few of the ways you (and
Mindcraft) can get better performance from Samba.

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