Printer Security!

Alpaslan Kaplan akaplan at
Mon Apr 19 16:06:59 GMT 1999

Hello everyone! This is my problem:

I succeeded to  share the printers connected to printservers with 'security
= share' but there is a problem. All of the users seem to be the owner of
every job on the printer and they are able to cancel the job. Also, the job
names appear as 'computername.a12345'.

There is already an NT Server which the users must logon, so I can't use
'security = server'.

I tried setting the security to "security  = domain" to use an existing
domain and created the same users in my RedHat 5.2. But when I click the
Samba Server in the Network Neighborhood of a client (Win95 or NT
Workstation), a password is requested although the password is the same for
both NT Domain and RedHat and when I enter the password, it says the
password is incorrect.

Here is my question: Does setting 'security = domain' solve my problem(s)
and if so, can anyone send a sample smb.conf file to akaplan at

Alpaslan KAPLAN
Computer Operation Specialist
TAI - Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc.

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