Attrib problem

Yan Seiner yan at
Mon Apr 19 19:25:03 GMT 1999

I have an NT application that shares data in client-server mode.

When the server makes a change that one of the clients needs to know
about, a message box is supposed to pop up on the client.  This has not
been happening. The files are updated, but the clients are not notifying
the users.

After several weeks of reverse engineering this particular app, I've
come to the conclusion that the server toggles the archive bit on one
particular file in the client directory to let the client know the file
has changed.

Samba, knowing nothing about DOS attribs, blithely ignores this, and
always leaves the archive bit set.  Attempts to toggle the bit fail.

Any idea on how to let a windows app toggle the archive bit of a file on
a samba server?



BTW, is there a more appropriate list for these types of questions that
do not pertain directly to NT domain servers?

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