Samba instead of NT

Brent Williams brwillia at
Mon Apr 19 19:07:46 GMT 1999

Ok, I'm new to Samba and investigating its usefulness for school systems
across the state of Georgia.  I have read numerous articles and docs on
Samba and the book Samba by John Blair.

Comments on the following please:

Scenario: School with Samba server as only SMB server.  Wishes to use
encrypted logins.

To create accounts:
    1. Create unix accounts (linuxconf)
    2. Convert unix account to smbpasswd file using
    3. Use smbpasswd utility to create an encrypted password for each user.

Ok so far?

Now the school wants to add 50 additional student accounts.
    1. Create unix accounts (linuxconf)
    2. Can't convert because existing smbpasswd file will be overwritten
(thus existing encrypted passwords are lost.
    3. So, enter account information manually into the smbpasswd file
    4. Use smbpasswd utility to enter an encrypted password for each user.

Am I way off, or is this the way it is done?  (I hope I'm way off!)

Thanks for any help.


Brent Williams
Educational Technology Center
Kennesaw State University
brwillia at

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