samba 2.03, NT4/pack4/ IIs, virtual hosting .

Patrick Barmentlo Patrick at
Sun Apr 18 13:37:05 GMT 1999


I tried to setup virtual hosts in IIS

I use samba 2.03
Tried all 'server modes'
(share/user/domain), but can't get it
work well..
The closed .. samba server in share
mode.. problem: could not get it public
accessed throe IIS

Some where I saw something about the NT
iis guest user IUSR , about security,
can't go further then one hop. ( is that
so ?)

Also I tried to work around the
'currently supplied credentials
conflicts with existing...'
with force user / group. but. then all
security is gone !!

Is it me , I just don't get it, or is it
Samba, just not yet being able to serve
such services as I want ??

By the way ,  file and printer sharing
etc.. works perfect in Microsoft user
environment, as long as you don't want
to connect to the same (samba) host with
diff user id..

 Any reply will be appreciated


 Patrick Barmentlo

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