AW: Using remote announce w/ security=domain

jan van rensburg jan.van.rensburg at
Fri Apr 16 18:12:43 GMT 1999

sure, what you say is true, but the same is true for wins, dns etc, unless
you use dhcp.

--jan van rensburg

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Date: 16 April 1999 02:02
Subject: Re: AW: Using remote announce w/ security=domain

>Hello !
>On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Gerald Carter wrote:
>> > LMHOSTS is evil, because it has to be maintained on
>> > all machines on your network.
>> Actually, there is a way around this.  Consider the two files
>> lmhosts.local----------------------
>> aaa.bbb.ccc.54       ivy    #PRE
>> #INCLUDE \\ivy\scripts\lmhosts
>> lmhosts.server---------------------
>> This way you only need to change the lmhosts file
>> in \\ivy\scripts.
>Hmhm. No question, this works, but this way, the IP-Adress of one server
>is fixed. Do you know Mr. Murphy and his laws ?
>"ring ring klick 'Richard, we want to move ivy from subnet A to subnet B
>for some weeks because of some bricklaying(*).'".
>Kind regards,
>(*) I don't know if this is the right english word. But you know the
>people making the dust which kills every fan in 30 Meters distance more or
>less immediatly. *ggg*
>The world is a jungle in general, and the networking game
>contributes many animals. ---- David C. Plummer, RFC 826

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