Cannot log on to domain

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at
Fri Apr 16 17:05:45 GMT 1999

> > > Are you sure you created the trust account on the PDC?
> > Yep - It was originally created when I installed NT on my machine
> > (dual-boot).  The netbios name for both NT and linux is the same.  Under
> > NT, it logs onto the network fine.
> som1 want 2 xpln why u can't do this?  luke

Uhh.  I thought the workstation will change the machine's password on the
PDC when it FIRST connects to the domain.  If when rebooting to Linux from
Nt wkstation, and attempting to join the domain, the password is now
different than what it expects and thus fails.  Am i right?


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