Cannot log on to domain

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Apr 16 13:10:34 GMT 1999

chrisp at wrote:
> > Are you sure you created the trust account on the PDC?
> Yep - It was originally created when I installed NT on 
> my machine (dual-boot).  The netbios name for both NT and 
> linux is the same.  Under NT, it logs onto the network 
> fine.

Ah!  Well that won't work.  When a client attempts to join a 
domain, it expects the trust account to have a known value 
(the client's netbios name append with a '$' character).  
Once it successfully joins the domain, it will change this 

Therefore, you will need to use a different netbios name 
on either Linux or NT and add both names (computers) to 
the PDC.

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