AW: Using remote announce w/ security=domain

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Thu Apr 15 23:56:14 GMT 1999

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On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Kuppinger - Martin Kuppinger wrote:

> 1. In this thread some people said that you should usually have several
> NT WINS Servers when using NT? Why? I never had any problems in smaller
> environments with using just one WINS-Server and H-Nodes. Usually works
> fine. 

If you want reliable services, you need more than one NT server. Take just
a small look on BUGTRAQ and you see where NT is broken.

If you want to install a new mouse on you WINS server you disrupt the
service for all your users (reboot !).

Therefore you need a couple of NT boxes.

> 2. Don't believe what Microsoft is telling on WINS configuration
> (especially replication). In most situations (especially on networks
> with small bandwidth WAN connections between), there might be better,
> more effective solutions using combinations of NetBIOS-Broadcasts,
> LMHOSTS and WINS if you need to use NetBIOS Name Resolution. 

This is not a good idea. 

LMHOSTS is evil, because it has to be maintained on all machines on your
network. In practice, the LMHOSTS update will be done only on machines
which need immediatly access to a particular ressouce. Then, two days
later your telephone rings... 

Broadcasts are also not the best idea, because they don't scale, they can
produce a lot of network traffic. They also breaks location transparency
on you network, making things more difficult then they have to be.

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