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Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Apr 15 15:32:44 GMT 1999

I have no problem with having a central WINS server -- it's having to
require arbitrary Win95 machines 'out there' to point to it that I fear is
going to scuttle the project.  

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On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Craig Kelley wrote:

> > So, let me see if I understand the upshot here: what we're hoping to do on
> > campus is (at least for now) not possible: that is, to plop samba servers
> > in 'foreign' subnets where we are unable to control the configuration of
> > the Win9x machines (except to guarantee that they have NetBIOS and TCP/IP)
> > and have users on those machines be able to view our server's shares and
> > grab stuff off of them.
> > 
> > 1.) Am I wrong that this is not possible?
> You need to have a central WINS server in order to do this.  Even if you
> were not using Samba, but NT Server or whatever, you would still have the
> same problem.
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