printing problem

Benjamin Kuit bj at
Wed Apr 14 14:00:43 GMT 1999

> Is it possible to obtain directly the real name of the file printed
> instead of USERNAME.a29051    (as it occurs when I print a file from a NT
> client to an NT-server)

I have currently got this running as a bit of a hackaround. I'm using
the fact that most/all of the print drivers we're using in the Samba
domain generate very informative postscript code.

I have my print and print queue commands customed made, basically
finding out the title of the file by `grep '^%%Title: ' %s`, recording
this information along with the login of the person and the workstation
they printed it from.

My print queue command collects this information and prints it in
a LPRng format.

Our NT people are happy with it cuz they see all the information they
want to see, and my UNIX administrator peers think i have too much
free time. *shrug* Just no pleasing everyone. =)

A more simplistic method of doing this is to just wrap the print 
command with looks for the %%Title pattern, then uses this
as an arguement to your real print command, like 'lpr -T "$title"',
or 'lp -t "$title"'.


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