Richard Ferris richardf at
Wed Apr 14 10:41:36 GMT 1999

I've managed to set up SAMBA 2.0.3 correctly as a PDC on IRIX 6.5.  Win 95
machines connect fine. I've added the machine accounts for NT workstations
and eventually got rid of the errors in the log.smb about the machine
password not being correct.

However I now get a session trust account error shown below:

[1999/04/14 11:20:37, 0] smbd/reply.c:(418)
  session_trust_account: Trust Account 320_ADMIN$ - password failed

What is a session trust account?  When I try to join the domain I leave the
Create computer account check box blank - is this correct as I have already
a machine account in the correct places.


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