Samba PDC

happy at happy at
Mon Apr 12 18:28:52 GMT 1999

Phil Burch wrote:
> Glad to hear your other problems were resolved, I too am using 2.0.3 from
> RPM.

I must correct myself: My problem wasn't that I was using a CVS' version
of Samba, but it was that I didn't use the 'encrypt passwords = yes'
directive in the smb.conf. Even with Samba 2.0.3 from the RPM I am unable
to join the domain from a NT box if I don't have the directive 'encrypt
passwords' in smb.conf.. That was the problem. Now I am able to use even
the CVS' version and that is fine.

I only wonder, that this isn't in the FAQ (the need for the 'encrypt
password'). Because I was able to use the encrypted passwords without it,
I didn't realize that this could be the cause of the curious behaviour
when trying to join the domain from my NT boxes..


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