Fre de Vries at
Mon Apr 12 14:05:50 GMT 1999

I have set up a samba2.0.3 server on RH52
The only thing I changed in smb.conf  is the workgroup name.
My Windows98 client is on the same subnet, in the same workgroup.
I logged into windows as user root with the same password as root has on my
linux server.
I did not tell windows about a  WINS server, but told him were our DNS
server is.
When browsing the network i can see my workgroup and the sambaserver in it.
When i click the server it asks me for a password.
Wich password does samba mean. The password on windows and linux is the
same, so i thougt i would be able to login.
Where did i (or windows or samba) go wrong????


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