Few questions

Tomek Jarosinski tomek at is.fh-hamburg.de
Mon Apr 12 08:53:26 GMT 1999

I have few questions about samba pdc:

1.Which sourcecode should i use if i want to use PDC functionality - the
last cvs or 2.0.2 ?
  What are your experience with 2.0.2 ?
2.Where should i store users profiles - in %U\profile or
\\%N\profiles\%U ?
3.When user logins for the first time, should he have his own profile
already in %U\profiles (or \\N%\profile\%U), it means for all users i
should copy prepared profiles to profile location, or there is a
possibilty to store ONE profile on the server, and it will be used and
copied at first login, as it is on NT-Server ?
4. How should i prepare the profile (ntuser.dat) for other users ?
4. For PDC functionality i have to use smbpasswd. When i am creating
smbpasswd, then all users has only XXXXXXXXXXXX as password, when they
login for the first time they will be asked for the new password, or at
first login will be used password from /etc/passwd or NIS ?
5. I created wsname accounts in the local /etc/passwd. Then i created
smbpasswd for all users. In smbpasswd exists also wsname users. Do i
have to repeat "smbpasswd -a -m wsname" for each workstation ?

All the best, Tomek
Have a nice day !

Tomek Jarosinski
Unix & NT Systemadministration
Fachhochschule Hamburg, Intranet Service
E-Mail: tomek at is.fh-hamburg.de

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