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Bryan O'Shea bryan.oshea at usa-emotron.com
Sat Apr 10 18:14:51 GMT 1999

running linux 2.2.5 samba 2.0.3  w/ 6 or so nt workstations 4.0 sp4

i have had all the computers join the domain and they can log into the
domain and map drives etc...
but everytime i log in it gives me this msg

"Your roaming profile is not available, the operating system is
attempting to log you in as your local profile"
it does this every time i log in as the user and creates a new profile
every time

this is where i am not to keen at NT stuff... ;)

i guess i don't have the privileges and so forth to change anything or
tell it my path of my profile on the server when i am logged into the

could someone point me in the right direction...
i would like to do roaming profiles for each user in the domain but..
don't know where to start...
or how do i tell each user of the domain where his/her profile is stored

on the server etc..

any help would be appreciated


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