localgroup map

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Fri Apr 9 15:17:34 GMT 1999

On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Alexandre Lecuyer wrote:

> I am trying to use the "local group map", running samba 2.1.0 prealpha
> as a PDC.
> The NT workstations being french versions of NT, I have edited the
> lib/util_pwdb.c
> to change Administrators to Administrateurs, etc...
> I have one line in localgroup.map :
> inst=BUILTIN\Administrateurs
> When I try to login as user "localadm"
> (uid=511(localadm) gid=1509(inst) groups=1509(inst))
> I get the following message from the station : "the system couldn't
> open a session [..]"
> and in the samba logs, I have this message :
> [1999/04/09 09:34:09, 0] passdb/sampassdb.c:pwdb_sam_map_names(740)
>   UNIX User localadm Primary Group is in the wrong domain! S-1-5-32-544

all users must be in a Domain Group.

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