Joining an NT domain using the command line?

Burch, Phil pburch at
Fri Apr 9 15:05:12 GMT 1999

Has anyone found a good way to change the local machine names on a 'lab' of
NT workstations after cloning them? I have done some weird stuff with making
batch files into services that call regedit and tweak the machine name
settings but it really isn't efficient.

Phil Burch
Computing Services
North Seattle Community College

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On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Matt Chapman wrote:

> Iain Rae wrote:
> > 
> > imagecast generates SID's ok and changes the hostname but won't
> > postconfigure the domain appropriately. If we clone a PC which is
> > in the domain it will set everything up but in order to get logons
> > you have to mess with the control panel as described in the NTDOM FAQ.
> > 
> Try cloning a PC which is already in the domain and then cloning its
> smbpasswd entry, so that the trust password is the same.
> There is nothing special about the process of "joining a domain"; it
> just involves a synchronisation of secrets.
> 	Matt
Now why didn't I think of that.

Of course, it works.


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