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Gerhard Klein G.Klein at
Fri Apr 9 11:49:44 GMT 1999

We use a NT4.0 PDC and want use Samba PDC. You have to turn on password
encryption and unix password sync. But how to sync NT password and smbpasswd
first time?

1. Idee: Give everybody a new password in smbpasswd and let it change by the
2. Idee: Move NT password from regestrie to smbpasswd. But I don't know how
to do. Can anybody help?

Can Bican schrieb:

>     We are trying to use samba as a domain controller (just for
> passwords) for NT workstations. Our main concern is to be able to
> synchronize NIS passwords.  If we turn off password encryption, machine
> accounts become unavailable. Conversely, if we turn on password
> encryption, we cannot use the existing passwords. Is there a way to
> overcome this? Can samba do the encrypted way for machines and the other
> way for users, or is it reasonable to patch samba for this?
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> Can Bican
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