Joining an NT domain using the command line?

Iain Rae iainr at
Thu Apr 8 19:48:15 GMT 1999

HI all,

Can anyone help with this, we're looking at updating about 60 PC's to run
NT with domain logons using imagecast (disk cloning tool) everything is
working fine except that we can't work out how to get the PC to join
the domain automatically (were not looking forwards to running round the 
building messing with control-panel).

imagecast generates SID's ok and changes the hostname but won't
postconfigure the domain appropriately. If we clone a PC which is already
in the domain it will set everything up but in order to get logons working
you have to mess with the control panel as described in the NTDOM FAQ.

Obviously imagecast isn't calling whatever api calls are used to join (no
activity is seen on the samba server with the log settings set to 50) does
anyone know how to do this from the command line or via a C program/perl

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