simple config request: samba PDC w/ NT4SP3 clients

Alan Laird laird at
Wed Apr 7 22:13:38 GMT 1999


Does anyone have an idea why this would be?

The problem summary seems to be that an NT4SP3 system with the plaintext
registry provided with the samba distribution, is not able to see the
samba PDC but will see it fine if the samba server is running encrypted



On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Alan Laird wrote:

>I am a bit confused as to the right way to configure the current tree to
>support what I want to do.  
>1) Use NIS+ database for user authentication
>2) Map a directory upon logon.
>My environment is such that I do not have control of the nis+ server to go
>changing passwords via samba.  I have read ENCRYPTION.txt and understand
>that both auth schemes are one way and so cannot be used to auth each
>other.  This indicates to me that I need to set "encrypt passwords = no"
>to use the nis+ database.
>Unfortunately, when I set "encrypt passwords = no", nt4sp3 systems cannot
>join the domain.  If I set "encrypt passwords = yes" then the machine can
>join but I am back into the divergent auth problem.
>I am assuming that I need to run samba as PDC (there are no domains here)
>to get a client to run a logon script to mount their home directory.  
>Is there any way around this problem?  
>Alan Laird
>Alan Laird	
>alan at

Alan Laird	
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