Running MS Access

Roger D. roger at
Wed Apr 7 12:47:35 GMT 1999

Excuse me if this has been discussed before, but I searched the archives but
didn't find what I was looking for.

I am running redhat 5.2 and samba1.9.18p10 and wish to use a mapped drive
for MS Access and
Peachtree Accounting. I assumed that MS Access did it's own file locking and
database management from the client jet egine database, but it doesn't seem
to work that way.

If I use the default oplocks = true, then I get a file in use when I attempt
to connect the second client to MS Access.  If I use oplocks = false, then I
get no error, but.......the data is not updated unless the clients exit the
application.  Does NT run some type of processes that Samba does not?  I'm
not a programmer and don't understand the workings of OS's, but it seems to
me that WIN95 peer-to-peer would offer no services that Samba would'nt.

Is there anywhere or any one that has MS access or Peachtree Accounting
working?  It is my understanding that Peachtree uses btrieve as it's
database engine.


Roger D.

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