R: Forcing Domain Logons in Win98

Diego Cimarosa dcimaro at ipruniv.cce.unipr.it
Wed Apr 7 06:15:49 GMT 1999

Finally it works !

a) Copy MPRSERV.DLL on a NT machine
b) Edit it with a resource editor (Visual C++ for example) and open as
resource, change protection for the field "domain" and save it on
Windows95-98 machine
c) Use POLEDIT.EXE to force right policies :
    c.1) "Require validation from network for Windows access"
    c.2) "Logon on to Windows NT"
    c.3) "Workgroup"
    etc...   and ... voila' !
e) DON'T FORGET to create proper account on Linux-Samba BEFORE reboot ...


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Da: Nicholas Humfrey <njh1 at st-andrews.ac.uk>
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Data: mercoledì 24 marzo 1999 19.20
Oggetto: Forcing Domain Logons in Win98

>Sorry this may be a bit off topic, but I thought someone here might have
>manged this:  I am trying to force people to logon to my classroom domain
>before they can access the computer. However I cannot prevent people from
>typing an invalid domain name, which passes the logon over to 'Windows
>Logon' giving them access to the system. Is there a way of infocing a
>single domain or preventing logon to invalid domains ?
>Nicholas Humfrey
>Madras College

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