Help! Network NeighborHood Vanished

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at
Tue Apr 6 22:18:51 GMT 1999

> After weeks of flawless performance, my Samba-2.1.0-prealpha
> stopped serving the Network Neighborhood.
> I reset the oslevel 9  in hopes I had a conflict somewhere,
> and have restarted several times without success - only the master
> is showing.
> I also removed all contents in the /locks directory and restarted
> in hopes Samba would recache the contents, also without luck.

check to see if you have any Windoze NT WINS servers running.  Sometimes
they mess things up, and need to have their cache's flushed.  Also remove
the "BROWSE.dat" file and restart samba..

Dave J. Andruczyk
Instructional Support Associate
Department of Technology     
Buffalo State College

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