Slow speed connection

Allen Reese allen at
Tue Apr 6 17:20:05 GMT 1999

I remember seeing a thread about how the more users you have the longer it
takes to enumerate the smbpasswd file.  What happens is NT waits a certain
amount of time for the reply back and says the network connection is slow
if it doesn't get a reply fast enough.   Try moving some account to the
top of your smbpasswd file, and see if that alleiates it with that

I thought somebody was going to work on rewriting smbpasswd.  ;)

Hope that answers your question.

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On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Celso Kopp Webber wrote:

> Hi all,
> Since my CVSed version from 03/30/99, although domain logons work fine,
> they're VERY slow. When any user logs in, in almost cases NT workstation
> says it has detected a slow connection, and ask with you want to use 
> local profiles or bla bla bla. Sometimes it does not show this message.
> In fact, my Samba PDC is about 760 accounts large, and when adding any ACL
> permission the list is not shown, although if I do a "search" and then add
> that user to the ACL it works ok.
> Is that normal? I'm not including my smb.conf since I have an identical
> machine with just a few accounts (5) and it works fine. So, I was
> wondering if is there any performance issues regarding the number of users
> in smbpasswd?
> In a previous message, I've pointed out that I've found out that Samba
> users only a single number space for both UIDs and GIDs when dealing with
> ACLs, is that correct?
> Thanks in advance,
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