CVS or 2.0.3?

James Thompson jamest at
Tue Apr 6 15:03:36 GMT 1999


I'm currently using samba as a PDC for a small group of NT workstations.
The code is CVS from before the 2.0.x series was released, but it works
and if it isn't broke.....

Anyway, I'm also using the last of the 1.x series on a more critical
network.  I'd really like to merge these two networks back into one
server.  Since the old CVS code has been rock solid for my needs I'm
tempted to attempt to run a new cvs copy rather than 2.0.3 series (which
doesn't support PDC right?) to replace both my current servers.

Here's what I'd like to have.

  Password change on Win95/WinNT clients sync with the unix passwords.
  NT Service Pack 4 support (which my CVS server lacks)

So, are there any show stoppers in the current cvs code?


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