Samba and ZAK

Mick Haigh mhaigh at
Sat Apr 3 12:36:27 GMT 1999

Jeff Tejnecky wrote:

> Has anyone had any success with using Samba as the PDC in a Microsoft
> Zero Administration Kit setup?  Any help or reference to information
> would be appreciated.

Yup.  I've got two labs (32 machines) running ZAK from a Samba PDC.  I'm
using the CVS code from Feb 21 at the moment because it seems to work
really well, but I have had it running well at various times with much
older versions of the code.

I'm using the newer code now because it offers much better support for NT
groups (which you will find handy).

I'm kinda busy right at the moment with work and I won't be around for
the next couple of days (going home for Easter) but if you have any
specific questions feel free to ask.  (If you're lucky I might even
document the process of setting the whole thing up in the next couple of

Have fun.

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