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At 10:33 AM 01/04/1999 +1000, Tulassay Zsolt wrote:
>Hi folks,
>(as far as I can remember, this is my first mail ever sent to an
>english mailing list, and surely the first to a samba-list.)
>My problem is how to provide email service for our users, ie.

I have a large dept here that uses (almost exclusivly) Eudora to read
email. We have a samba drive (drive p: for personal) that is mapped to each
users home directory with a logon script. The computers have a shortcut to
eudora that has a a command line parameter that tells eudora to use the
users files on p:

Shortcut command line:   k:\eudora\eudora p:\eudora

Where k:\eudora is where the binaries are kept, and P:\eudora is where the
users own email files are kept. I have my create user script make a Eudora
directory in the new users home dir and change its ownership to that user.
Then the first time they use the eudora shortcut, Eudora prompts them for
config info and creates the necesary files. 


Have a look in the FAQ and HowTo to find out how to setup logon scripts.

>PS please CC to me, I only get the digest

PS. you may well be questioned if this is appropriate question in the samba
NTDomain list, especially if you don't subscribe to it !


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