Strange problem writing files (PR#10099)

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Sep 30 19:28:31 GMT 1998

anders.blomdell at wrote:
> One of our NT programs (a version of latex) has problem opening files with names like '.\dir\file' if 'protocol = NT1' in smb.conf. If 'protocol = LANMAN2', everything works OK. This is what samba gets in the different cases (the problem seems to be that NT1 does not get the full path):


	I think I've fixed this. Could you please do a CVS
update and try again.

I'm CC:ing this to Samba-Tech and Samba-NTDOM as people
on these lists will also be interested in this fix.

As Samba now allows ChangeNotify it allows NT clients
to open directories. The NTCreateX call can take a
directory FID as well as a filename. If there is a
valid directory FID then the filename is supposed to
be parsed *relative to that directory*.

When I originally implemented NT SMB's I didn't allow
directory opens and so this wasn't an issue. Now I do,
but I forgot to implement the directory-relative opens.

I've now implemented these directory-relative opens
but I cannot get NT to generate such an open to check
if my code is correct.

If you could re-run your test case and confirm that
this fixes the promblem I'd be really grateful. This
also may be the key to the problem someone was having
with execing unzip from a program also....



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