frustrated and lost

Amol Karnik amol at
Wed Sep 30 20:11:12 GMT 1998

hi all,

i've been trying to monitor this list for the past few weeks and was
trying to see if i can implement samba in my network here.

i was been totally unsucessful in doing so, and am frustrated now. there
are a lot of doc files in the distribtion, but they keep on referring to
each other, and now i'm lost.

i obtained the latest samba2.0prealpha cvs sources for the NTDOM Version
of samba and compiled it on a sun runnning solaris2.5.1

the docs said compile it with the -DNTDOMAIN flag ....but where ?
i added it to the Makefile in the sources dir in the CFLAGS line like
this :
CFLAGS=-g -I/usr/openwin/include -I/usr/dt/include -DNTDOMAIN

i  hope this is correct, because it compiled anyways.

then i installed the samba binaries etc in /usr/local/samba. created a
smb.conf file
started the daemons manually.

according to the ENCRYPTION.txt file, i created a smbpaswd file by doing
ypcat passwd | >/usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd

and then changed the permission on the private dir and smpasswd file,
and then enabled the line "encrypt passwords = yes"

i'm not going to have a NT server in the network, only workstations. in
fact right now ,i dont even have NT machine, but will get them next
week, and i wanted to check that this worked. doesnt seem to do so from
a sun using smbclient, and a win95 machine. both doesnt work, although
if i do smbclient -L sambaservername i get a list of shares etc, but the
user is "nobody". as myself, i cant use my unix password if i do
smbclient -L blue -U amol i get :

"Session setup failed for username=amol myname=BLUE destname=BLUE  
ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password pair in a Tree Connect
or Session Setup are invalid.)"

does anyone know if there is a single document on the web which explain
how to set up samba as an NTdomain and password server, for idiots for
me? i dont even know at this stage if what i've written makes sense or
not...i'm lost. completely.

unfortuntely i cant find one single document which explain all the steps
needs, clearly. this samba stuff seems to be meant for experienced
NT/network admins.

- amol

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