Profile Update solution

Tom Turpin tom.turpin at
Wed Sep 30 12:13:09 GMT 1998

The solution I have found is to perform the following steps.

1) Make the Unix directory permissions are set to 755 for the profiles dir
2) Paranoid setting here, make the individual user profiles permissions set
to 700
3) Make sure the proper users own their own profiles
4) Make the [Profiles] share in smb.conf writeable and set guest to no

With these settings update of profiles should work.  If anyone is having
this problem, please let me know if these steps don't work for you.  

How about getting this in the FAQ?  Also, anyone got the link for the
Shortcut problem that was discussed earlier in the archive?  I haven't found
the files on the MS server.  That might be another good thing to put in the
FAQ as well.


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