Details of the profile problems I'm having...

Dave Stevenson Dave.Stevenson at
Tue Sep 29 14:50:52 GMT 1998

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I am running version alpha7 on a Sun 2.6 box.  If I go to one machine and
create a shortcut in my favorites folder, then go to the another machine and
login.  When I try to use that shortcut, I get an enter password message for

Any ideas why this is doing this? or how to fix it?  Without fixing this,
roaming profiles don't really do a lot.
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In the user profile (either from the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER or better with
the policy editor under Local User or whoever)

  Windows NT Shell/Restrictions/Disable Link File tracking   check it! (tick)

This makes WinNT ignore the machine name

Cos its in the user area I use roaming profiles and set this in my Default User profile that a user first gets when he logs on for the first time (ie policy edit NTUSER.DAT)

That way everyone gets it :-) I use one workstation to install NT software on samba server
then access it via links(shortcuts) from desktop in profiles from many other machines
(in house progs NB, not licensed stuff :-)) )

Applying these changes retrospectively ie to existing roaming profiles needs a better 
NT person than me, but I guess I would approach it by putting some kind of registry
editing script in the logon.bat to check for the setting and update it.

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