Details of the profile problems I'm having...

Daniel Fonseca daniel at
Tue Sep 29 13:40:25 GMT 1998

On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, Tom Turpin wrote:

> I am running version alpha7 on a Sun 2.6 box.  If I go to one machine and
> create a shortcut in my favorites folder, then go to the another machine and
> login.  When I try to use that shortcut, I get an enter password message for
> 	\\<first_machine>\ADMIN$   
> Any ideas why this is doing this? or how to fix it?  Without fixing this,
> roaming profiles don't really do a lot.

It is in fact a bug/mis-feature (oh, what else is new? :) of Windows (NT,
95, you name it! - don't know for 98, though). Of course it's in the MS KB
articles - this little gem is Q158682.

The solution (Both scut.exe program - for correcting shortcuts - location
and registry key have been posted on this list.
Found under this subject "Strange problem with icons!" -> just did a grep
for "scut" in my archives.

Hope to help,


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